On Dokk1 we wanted to build an interactive city where play and technology blended together. A city where everything is filled with possibilities and there is room for experimentation. The city can be seen as a metaphor when Dewey writes:

The school building has swelled out, so to speak, the surrounding environment remaining the same, the home, the garden and country, the relation to business life and the university. The object is to show what the school must become to get out of its isolation and secure the organic connection with social life of which we have been speaking.

We used Hummingbirds, Blue-Bots and Circuit Playground as technology in the city made of cardboard, boxes, paper, glue etc..

We wanted to play, inspire and create a space for examining new technologies, and through experimentation develop new opportunities.

We, the facilitators, were part of the city; not as formal teachers but as equal participants, guides, masters and inspirators.

The larger part of our visitors was pre school children who were introduced to the first stages of technology and programming. At a potential next workshop we would like also to attract older children and adults to take the technological experimentation to the next level.

To optimize our workshop, we would like more facilitators, so we could have better time to observe the children experiment, and time to introduce the children (and their parents) to more of the possibilities of the technology.

We believe that when we mix play and use of technology it can create new competencies. This could be one of the principles of the future school.


3 thoughts on “Dokk1

  1. This is awesome you guys. Well done, both on creating an activity where kids could be playful and creative with technology, and on drawing parallels from your activity, and from Dewey towards potentials and ideas about the school of the future, where there is room for play, and room to open up to the world.


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